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We provide professional and caring services.

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We empower people to live and relate more effectively.

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Improve self awareness, establish lasting relationships,
 and heal from experinces and mental health issues

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Welcome to Macquarie Clinic

Our group of mental health practitioners have extensive experiences in the management of a broad range of mental health issues. We are committed in empowering people to live and relate more effectively in the journey of life.

We are a group of Clinical Social Workers and Psychologists offering comprehensive short and long term treatments. We provide a range of professional services to those who are having emotional, psychological and mental health issues such as:

  • Seeking to improve self awareness;
  • Establish lasting relationships;
  • Experiencing psychological and emotional difficulties;
  • Experiencing mental health issues; and
  • Seeking early intervention work with children and parenting.

All Practitioners are qualified and experienced in their area of interest. As a group we specialise in the areas of individual child, adolescent and adult therapy as well as couples and family therapy.



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