Julie Stone

B.Soc Stud., M. Soc.Wk.(Sydney), MAASW

Having worked for 43 years in a wide variety of fields, Julie has a vast experience in a full range of therapies and counselling situations. Julie works with cognitive and psychodynamic treatments, and has endeavoured to train widely, utilising all skills and techniques to completely approach human issues and disorders, both personal and social, including courses in Family Therapy, Hypnotherapy, EMDR Levels I an II, Conflict Negotiation, and Management Training.

Julie treats trauma issues including Dissociative Disorders, Depression and Anxiety. The whole person is treated including their spiritual needs as well as emotional, as these issues impact the whole of life.

Julie’s Masters degree was research into Comparative Therapeutic Usefulness.

She is a member of AASW.

Julie is accredited with the Victims of Crime Tribunal, the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as Medicare, using a range of evidence based therapy.


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